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Sunday Best” returned to BET for season 8 on July 19th with the best of the best. This season will focus on an special all-star edition featuring some of the contestants from the last seven seasons. Contestants who are returning to the show are bringing a new energy into their performances the second time around, according to Kirk Franklin, who insisted the new “Sunday Best” format will be even more entertaining for fans. Franklin is returning to executive produce and host the show, singer Kim Burrell will mentor the talent, while gospel stars Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and Kierra Sheard judge the contestants.

The first hour opened with all the winners of the previous seasons singing with a choir conducted by Ricky Dillard. The second hour opened up with Charles Jenkins singing his new hit single ‘War’. The goal was to bring them down to 8 from 10 in the second hour. Kirk Franklin was the mentor for the second episode. This season’s winner will get the opportunity to win a record contract with Kirk Franklin’s Fo Yo Soul label, along with a cash prize and chance at redemption to be crowned winner of “Sunday Best.”

Read the exciting recap for the two hour Sunday Best special. They are in the order that they performed.

 Sunday Best Season 7 Zebulon Ellis was the first contestant to sing. He did a great version of ‘I Will Bless The Lord’

Donnie: Thought he started flat on the first try but found his second performance much more genuine.

Kierra: loved his look and though his performance was great. K

Kim: She believed he exuded confidence. She was happier with the second performance


Sunday Best Season 4 Sue ‘Mama Sue’ Roseberry sang the song ‘Use Me’. She chose a traditional arrangement of the song. Her second choice was even stronger and you could se that she knew exactly what her strength were.

Donnie: He was thanking God she was back on the show

Kim: She wished her all the best and hoped she made it through. Kim called out her diversity between the first and second performances.

Kierra: Though she looked amazing the first time. Kierra thought the second performance was better.


Sunday Best Season 5  Dathan Thigpen  took the stage confident and stronger than his last appearance on the show in season 5. His two performances were what most of us call were middle of the road performances.

Donnie: He wants him to bring more. He was sure that he was holding back. The second song he thought made it come alive.

Kim: She agreed with Kierra that he was too nervous. She wants so work with him

Kierra: She thought he was thinking too much. She thought it was good


Sunday Best Season 7 Brightnie Jones performed  her two songs with a tremble.

Donnie: He had high expectations of her. He felt like her passion was there.

Kim: Thought  the first song was pitchy.  On the second song, she thought her projection was better

Kierra- She wanted more on the vamp for the first song. On her second try she felt that she held her voice back too long.


Sunday Best Season 2 Clifton Ross III took the stage feeling assured that he could win. In his mentor-ship with Kirk he knew that he had to raise his personal best.

Donnie: The first performance he thought he over compensated. His second performance was not authentic. The second tine he was excited for.

Kim: Simply said, ‘I wish you all the best.” The second performance was one in which she just wanted him to be him.. Kim wanted him to just keep going and spend more tine focused on his individuality.

Kierra: She wants him not to be afraid. She didn’t feel like he was doing his best. The second round Kierra felt was more authentically him.


Sunday Best Season 7 Tiquila Wilson came to sing ‘Lord I Want To Say Thank You’ as her first performance. She came in third last season and you can see her growth when she chose a traditional call to worship song for her second performance.

Donnie: He wanted her to put everything into it. The second performance he was happy.

Kim: She noted that she had swag and charm. The second vote was a better

Kierra: She loved the sound but wanted ‘churchier’  Tiquila. Kierra was happy with the second performance.


Sunday Best Season 2 Kalind Haynes returned with an offertory song for his first performance and prayer  for his second.

Donnie: Donnie commented that it was  clear Kalind understood how to sing a song

Kim: She said he showed professional

Kierra: She gave him an A1.


Sunday Best Season 7 Drew Chambers gave two rousing testify songs to the audience.

Donnie: He wants him to think. He thought he took critiquing better and he wants him to keep his balance.

Kim: She felt it was too much for the stage.. She appreciated that he did his best on the second song.

Kierra: She thought the vocal was perfect on the first song. She wanted him to put himself in the song. She saw his second performance as better.


Sunday Best Season 3  Martha Buries came and sang her heart out both times with praise calls.

Donnie: He noticed that she was not afraid the first time and delivered well.

Kim: In the first song  she wanted her to be focused and present in the song.  Kim was happy Martha proved in the second performance she can take the advice the second time.

Kierra: She thought she was perfect and that she looked great both times.


Sunday Best Season 6 Terrill Hill took off his assistant principal hat and returned to sing as his opener ‘He’s A Great God’ with heart and flow. His second song was ‘God Is Not Through’ and he let the audience know that.

Donnie: He thought he was wonderful. The second time he exchanged vamps with him.

Kim:  During the rating of the first performance Kim just shook her hand and  screamed, “Hallelujah thank you Jesus.”  She thought his second performance was spot on.

Kierra:  She thought he was perfect during both performances and had no additional commentary.

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