Donnie McClurkin's vocal cords are under serious attack, but he does not have throat cancer.

Follow Praise 104.1: One of the highlights of the 2017 Prayer Breakfast was Praise 104.1’s own Donnie McClurkin performing for our Pastors honorees. McClurkin, who can be heard weekday mornings from 5am-6am and Sundays from 10am-12 noon eastern on Praise also shared a testimony to the crowd and discuss why we need to watch over our church […]

The gospel singer and pastor wants us to pray instead, but why can't we do both?

Donnie McClurkin shares with Erica Campbell what he thinks the role of the church is in trying times.

Donnie McClurkin talked about why he's no longer worried about the next generation of gospel.

Pastor Donnie McClurkin has a new album coming and gives Praise 104.1’s Cheryl Jackson and the Praise Unplugged audience the details. Pastor McClurkin also explains why is retirement from music is critical to the advancement of other artists like Charles Butler & Trinity spreading their version of Gospel & Inspiration across the world. The Praise […]

If you have experienced a Donnie McClurkin concert you will not only get amazing praise and worship music, you will see him perform some of his favorite Hymns. McClurkin gives our Praise Unplugged audience an example of such with a beautiful impromptu performance. The Praise Unplugged series is presented by McDonalds More Praise Unplugged: [Exclusive] Donnie McClurkin: It’s Time For […]

Donnie McClurkin‘s “I Need You” is an impassioned call to the lord and a reminder of how much we do, indeed, need him. Click on…