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Fans were excited and praising God while gospel singer and pastor of New Thing Empowerment Church, Shawn Jones sang with his band. According to Christian Post, Jones began singing “Worthy Is He” and then collapsed on the stage and later died. Fans stood their in shock as band members went to help him.


Kenneth Woodson, manager of The Event Center said, “They were doing a fantastic job. It was a nice show.” One fan even uploaded a video of them performing in the beginning of the show and the crowd was really enjoying themselves. Woodson said, “This fellow was blowing. It had a little jazzy feel to it and this was my first time hearing him but I was very impressed. I said ‘wow this is gonna be nice. I can’t wait to hear some more music from this guy and his band.’ They were tight.” Recently, a post of Jones was shared from R&B singer Tweet, she said, “I DONT KNOW WHO THIS MAN OF GOD IS BUT SAAAAAAAAAANNNGGGG SIR!!!!! I CANT GIVE UP!!! IVE COME TOO FAR TO TURN AROUND!!!!!…..FOUND HIM @theshawnjones85”


The Echoaires from Tennessee and were at the show believe Jones died from a heart attack. The group said, “He was truly a man of God. He had a heart attack after performing in Florida Saturday night. Rest well my friend and brother. We will always love you @theshawnjones85.” Family and friends have all poured messages from their heart to talk about Jones. We will keep his family in our prayers.

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