The unfortunate discovery of the body of former White House sous chef Tafari Campbell, confirmed his death at 45 years old.

Police in Alabama revealed Carlee Russell's phone search history included questions about Amber Alerts, one-way bus tickets and even the movie 'Taken,' which is about a kidnapping. The post Search History In Carlee Russell’s Phone Revealed Amid Investigation Into Disappearance appeared first on NewsOne.

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Michelle Obama's PLEZi initiative is an extension of her work to help improve child nutrition, a goal she was focused on tackling while in the White House.

Good Friday marks the day when wrath and mercy met at the cross. Here's why it's called Good Friday...


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Needless to say, TikTok has been receiving a lot of flack lately, and honestly… rightfully so. Here’s another reason why parents need to be careful about what their kids are looking at on the embattled platform. As reported by WRAL, several students at Dexter Park Elementary School in Massachusetts were rushed to the hospital on Tuesday (Apr. […]

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Rev. Al Sharpton also said that it was 'ironic' Donald Trump would be indicted in the same building as the Central 5. The former president took out ads calling for the execution of the young men after they were accused of raping a white jogger in 1989. The post Rev. Al Sharpton Quotes Central Park 5 Member While Reacting To Donald Trump Indictment: ‘Karma’ appeared first on NewsOne.