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    Winston Chaney

    Winston Chaney is the voice of gospel radio in the Washington metropolitan area.Affectionately known as “The Morning Man,” he hosts “The Morning Show,” the most popular broadcast on WYCB-AM 1340, a member of the Radio One Network, the largest minority-owned radio broadcast system in the nation. (more…)

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    Talking Drums/Pastor Evans

    Joseph N. Evans is the Senior Pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. He serves as an adjunct instructor of homiletics at The Divinity School, Howard University and Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Reverend Evans earned his Bachelor of Arts in History and Government from West Virginia Institute of Technology, his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Evans is an inductee into the Morehouse College, Martin Luther King Jr., College of Preachers (2009).

    In 2014, Dr. Evans published “Lifting the Veil over Eurocentrism: the Du Boisian Hermeneutic of Double Consciousness” by Africa World Press. In addition, he has published numerous essays including   “The Du Boisian Prophetic Tradition” in The African American Pulpit (Winter 2009-2010), “Sacred Rhetoric and the African American Civic Sermon” in A New History of the Sermon: The Nineteenth Century (Brill Press, 2010) and the “First Sunday after the Epiphany (Baptism of Jesus)” in Preaching God’s Transforming Justice : A Lectionary Commentary, Year B and C, Featuring 22 New Holy Days for Justice (Westminster John Knox, 2011—12).

    Currently, Dr. Evans serves as Coeditor of the Special Edition for Journal of Homiletics, which includes multiple essays on economic reparations and inequality. In addition, he has written an essay on “Vernon Johns’ Romance of Death” for the 2016 Fall Edition of the American Baptist Quarterly. Dr. Evans is married to the former Patricia Lewis; he has two adult children.

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