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Debra Peek-Haynes spoke with Roland Martin about her new book and shared how holistic nutrition helped her overcome infertility.

A healthy life is a happy life! You can start living healthier by simply substituting a few things in your daily routine. Remember that small…

In a world where violence and cruelty seem to be common and almost acceptable, many parents wonder what they can do to help their children to become kinder and gentler—to develop a sense of caring and compassion for others. Raising kids who care isn’t a solution to violence by itself, but it’s reasonable to worry […]

Soup has always been the cure to warming you up and soothing your soul.  Regardless of your preference, meaty, vegetable or noodle, soup offers a multitude of variety that can be tantalizing to your tastebuds.

We’re already rapidly moving swiftly into the new year getting back into the swing of things.  Back to our regular routines with work ,home and family.  During the time off, many of us  entertained, cooked and partied with a host of family, friends and guests that left us overwhelmed, stressed (in a good way) and […]

I hope you enjoyed the Dr. Mercola interview. He provides so much hard-hitting and some say controversial information.  The next individual I am featuring is equally controversial,Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi has claimed to cure Aids, Diabetes and Cancer. He is known as a Doctor to the stars in the African American Community, he has been […]

Many of us know 112 group member Q Parker for hits like “Cupid”, “Peaches & Cream” and “Only You” with bandmates Slim, Michael and Darion.  He’s  also noted with receiving esteemed Grammy and ASCAP awards during his music career.  Screaming fans all over the world have seen him grow and excel into a well-respected figure […]

As we approach the holidays and end of the year many of us are very busy.  We’re closing out various projects and ourtime is limited for things like cooking, grocery shopping and housekeeping.  If you like variety and tasty food that require less time in the kitchen, health expert Joy Bauer has some good and […]

Keeping healthy and fit is a challenge that is daily task.  Luckily for men, for some reason dropping weight is somewhat easier than women.  However, studies reveal that men young and old, are slower than women to go to the doctor. Related Article: Young Men Are Avoiding Going To The Doctor According to, here’s […]