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In his most recent tweet, Gospel Superstar “Fred Hammond” gives the world an update to his recent knew surgery.  Fred writes: “Hey Family, after 7 weeks of physical therapy, my Physical Therapist just took me off my walker and upgraded me to crutches.  Sweeeet!!!  Thank you for you prayers and support. Love ya, Fred Hammond.

Winter Suits Dressing appropriately isn’t just about finding the right tie pin or how you fold your pocket square – it’s also about finding the right outfit to match the season. Here are six tips to make sure you survive the cooler months in style. 1.Fabric. When the temperature drops, the fabric you’re wearing can […]

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular in the African-American community, and surprisingly, among black men. Earlier this year, Arian Foster joined the likes of rap artist Andre 3000, former NFL running back Ricky Williams and boxer Mike Tyson by changing his diet to a vegan one. “It’s in the mainstream media,” says Constance Brown-Riggs, registered dietitian […]

African-Americans frequently look towards race and economic factors as our biggest challenges, but there are self-inflicted problems that are literally killing us. The recent and untimely deaths of Heavy D and Patrice O’Neal has made the health issues that arise from being overweight very hard to ignore. According to HuffPost, obesity is a “full-blown crisis […]

If you’re a milk drinker, health conscious or lactatose-free advocates will proudly speak about the benefits of their favorite kind of milk.  Soy Milk may be one of their choices as an alternative to drinking cow’s milk. Live reports soybeans have been around for many years and studies show its rich in fiber and […]

Keeping healthy and fit is a challenge that is daily task.  Luckily for men, for some reason dropping weight is somewhat easier than women.  However, studies reveal that men young and old, are slower than women to go to the doctor. Related Article: Young Men Are Avoiding Going To The Doctor According to, here’s […]

Everything that multi-platinum rapper and global business mogul Shawn Carter a/k/a “Jay Z” does is super-size.  He is the definition of success.  He looks the part from head to toe. Here are a few inside tips from Men’s Health that reveals the superstar’s exercise regimen. Take a look Related Articles: Dance and Lose Weight While […]

Imagine going to the doctors office for a routine check up or dental work and leaving with a life threatening disease. This could very well be the case for some Veterans visiting a hospital in St. Louis. Here’s what Heather Mayer reported for DOTmed: More than 1,800 veterans may have been exposed to hepatitis B, […]

VIA: WebMD.Com Some inheritances are a curse. I don’t mean your grandmother’s cabinet of porcelain fawns, nor your uncle’s portfolio of watercolor still lifes, nor the 40 years of Model Railroader magazines stowed in the rafters of your dad’s garage. Worse than any of these is the hand-me-down that could be hiding in your genes. […]

  Via: MedicineNet.Com Research shows that there is an increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease among men with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels. The study, conducted by Dr. Giovanni Corona, observed the testosterone levels of men who were seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction. Many of those men suffered from heart attacks or other […]