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As a strength and conditioning coach my job is performance enhancement and injury prevention. I really enjoy pushing people beyond their limits. SAQ  (speed, agility and quickness) training is what I use to help athletes increase their speed, balance, power and endurance.  Personal trainers are now adding SAQ techniques to their general population workout programs.  People love the challenge, people enjoy training like a professional athlete and mostly people enjoy the outstanding results. SAQ drills challenge your body’s ability to decelerate, generate force and change directions . While this is taking place your core is getting stronger  and your athletic ability is improving. I know the majority of people reading the article are not athletes. I also know many of you have kids, cut grass, carry groceries and have “weekend warrior syndrome”. It doesn’t matter what category you fall under being able to move freely, without restrictions, having good balance and being able to move when it’s  time to really move, means your body is in great shape and that can make life a lot easier at times. SAQ training will help you to obtain all the previous mentioned qualities. In my opinion there is no better way to  burn tons of calories and see what you’re made of. The video below includes two SAQ programs which are listed below. Watch the video and see if you’re up for a SAQ workout.

SAQ Program #1

Pistol Squats                                           x5 each leg

Jump Rope (Double Jumps)       x10

Bungee Sprints                                       x2

Ladder Drill-Ickey Shuffle             x1

Hurdle Drills- Side High Knees    x1

Cone Drill- Triangle Formation x1

SAQ Program #2

Body Weight Squats                            x10

Jump Rope (Double Jumps)         x10

Reverse Bungee Sprints                    x2

Ladder Drill- In-In-Out-Out           x1

Hurdle Drill- Weave Drill                  x1

Cone Drill- Triangle Formation   x1

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