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One of the world’s most effective and inexpensive exercise devices is the fun and basic jump rope. It costs less than $15, fits in your purse or briefcase and is so easy, a kid can use it.

Jumping rope has long been considered ‘child’s play’ but that mindset is changing. Professional athletes in a various sports, particularly tennis and basketball, are incorporating jumping rope into their fitness workout routine.

An unparalleled all-around workout, jumping rope strengthens the heart, muscles and bones, promotes leanness and improves agility, coordination, timing, rhythm and explosive power on both sides of the body.

Jumping Rope for 15 Minutes Burns 200 Calories

Jumping rope has become an integral part of many kinds of fitness classes, including cardio-kickboxing classes and boot camp workouts. Fifteen minutes of jumping rope burns about 200 calories, with some variation depending on how fast you go and how much you weigh. And despite concerns that jumping rope is hard on the joints, it’s easier on the knees and hips than running, since you land on the balls of your feet so the calves and shins absorb and control the impact.

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