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As the temperatures continue to rise, it’s no surprise that beauty lovers are switching things up on the summer makeup front. After all, the idea of wearing heavy products in the sweltering humidity is a no-go. Comfort is key, folks! Not to mention, if you’re not strategic with your product selections and application techniques, your beauty beat will eventually pay the price. In other words, you can fully expect your makeup to slip and slide off your canvas, which is the ultimate beauty faux pas no one wants to deal with.

With that in mind, most beauty mavens prefer to do their due diligence when navigating all things summer makeup. From tapping in with influencers on #MakeupTok via TikTok for the tea or subscribing to YouTube University for full-length tutorials and recommendations, folks are not playing any games with their makeup. However, nothing is better than getting advice from professionals who work with makeup products regularly. Makeup artists know the hacks and tricks of the trade and how to get more out of your beauty look — from multitasking products to lightweight and creamy formulas — which is the essential theme of a summer makeup slay. 

So, if you find yourself confused about where to start with your summer makeup journey, as always, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to Joyce Jacob, known for her work with Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African’ cast, and Melissa Ocasio, the talent behind Big Latto’s gorgeous makeup looks, we’ve cracked the code on some of the best summer makeup products. From lip conditioners to lightweight foundation formulas, these ladies share the deets on which items deserve space in your collection. Here are six summer makeup must-haves experts say will take your beauty game to the next level. Happy shopping, folks! And, of course, stay cool!

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1. Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb All-over Diamond Veil

Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb All-over Diamond Veil Source:Sephora

First up, we have Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb All-over Diamond Veil. The cult-favorite product first hit the shelves in Fall 2018 and has since become a standout from the ever-growing line. According to Joyce, “summer makeup is all about achieving that glow,” and this beloved highlighter brings the statement to life.

“The Diamond Veil is  a super versatile product that can be used all over the face and body,” Joyce says. “I particularly love it for highlighting my cheekbones, eyes, nose, and collarbones! And might I add, all the shades look amazing on every complexion!”

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2. Dior Rouge Blush in Pink

Dior Rouge Blush in Pink Source:Sephora

Everyone knows that the right blush adds just the right amount of oomph to every beauty look, and your summer slay is no exception. This essential helps contour your features, gives your skin a healthy glow, and brightens your face. Not all blush options are created equal, so selecting an option that can cover all the bases is vital. With that in mind, Melissa is partial to Dior’s pink blushes.

“I love the Dior blushes because they’re extremely easy to blend,” Melissa says. “They also provide a good amount of pigmentation.

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3. NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation

NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation Source:Sephora

When it comes to summer makeup, folks frequently debate about using foundation. Contrary to popular belief, you can score a lightweight beauty beat with foundation; it simply comes down to your formula of choice. The NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation is the perfect choice for Joyce.

“This formula mixes extremely well with SPF, which is also essential,” Joyce says. “Remember, for the summertime less is more! Product build-up is not the way to go. You want a light and natural application and that’s exactly what NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare gives.”

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4. KISS New York Professional Glam Shine Lip Gloss

KISS New York Professional Glam Shine Lip Gloss Source:IvyUSA

Truth be told, not everyone is into the matte look. Some matte lip products are notorious for having a huge color payoff but can be super-drying and give your pout an uneven look with wear. That said, some folks are more fond of lip gloss formulas since they provide a glass-like effect to your lips that aligns with the glowy summer makeup aesthetic. And, of course, Melissa is #TeamLipGloss.

“I love a glossy lip and I like to keep the Kiss New York Professional Glam Shine Lip Glosses in my kit because they provide the right amount of shine to all of my clients,” Melissa says. “These glosses feel light and buttery and don’t leave your lips feeling dry afterward.”

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5. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss Source:Sephora

Like Melissa, Joyce is also a huge fan of keeping lip gloss in her summer makeup lineup. Her formula of choice? The Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss. The beauty guru says this must-have is “perfect for the summer since it hydrates, plumps, and adds a beautiful shine.”

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6. MAC Cosmetics Lip Conditioner

MAC Cosmetics Lip Conditioner Source:MAC Cosmetics

Similar to prepping your canvas with skincare and primer before applying your complexion product of choice, the same rules apply to your lip makeup routine to extend wear. And since it’s easy for lips to get chapped or dry out, a prep product that goes the extra mile to condition lips is a must. Enter Melissa’s favorite: the MAC Cosmetics Lip Conditioner. 

“The MAC Cosmetics lip conditioner is a must-have for my kit,” Melissa says. “It helps to instantly moisturize the lips and I use it to prep before applying any type of gloss or lip color.”

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