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With the recent 3,000 hit milestone reached this past weekend by New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, we decided to compile a list of the Black baseball players who are part of the 3,000 hit club.

On this list, you will find all-time home-run king, Hank Aaron, and other legends like the “Say Hey Kid,” Willie Mays.

Hank Aaron

Hits: 3,771

Henry “Hank” Aaron is most remembered for being the home-run king with 755 dingers. But many forget that he’s also part of the storied 3,000 hit club.

For 23 years, Aaron was one of the greatest baseball players to ever step foot on the field. He finished his career with an impressive .305 batting average, 2,297 runs batted in, and made the all-star twenty years in a row from 1955-75. He led the Atlanta Braves to a 1957 World Series title.

Willie Mays

Hits: 3,283

Many consider Willie Mays to be the greatest all-around baseball player of all-time. As dazzling as he was in the batter’s box, he also shined as a fielder catching up to fly balls and line drivers unlike any player of his time. Mays won a record tying twelve Gold Gloves, won the MVP award twice, and won a World Series title in 1954.

Eddie Murray

Hits: 3,255

When the word “reliable” comes up when talking about baseball players historically, designated hitter Eddie Murray will always be in the conversation.

One of the best switch-hitters of all-time, Murray, spent the majority of his career with the Baltimore Orioles where he began his quest for 3,000 hits. He hit .287 for his career, belted 517 home runs, and drove in 1,917 runs.

Tony Gwynn

Hits: 3,141

Not only was Tony Gwynn the greatest baseball player in San Diego Padres history, but many consider him to be the best hitter of all-time — even better than the iconic Ted Williams.

Gwynn spent 19 years in a Padre uniform in which he hit an astounding .338, hit 135 home runs, and drove in 1,138 runs.

Dave Winfield

Hits: 3,110

One of the most feared and intimidating ballplayers of his era, Dave Winfield made his name with the San Diego Padres and New York Yankees where he belted the majority of his 465 home runs.

ESPN ranked him the third best all-around athlete of all-time in any sport.

Rickey Henderson

Hits: 3,055

One of the greatest entertainers to ever step on a baseball field, Rickey Henderson, was a sight to see for all.

Whenever Henderson got on base, he was a threat to steal the next two bases — including home plate if he felt brave.

The sports greatest leadoff hitter, he holds the record for stolen bases at 1,406, and drove in 2,295 runs in his career.

Rod Carew

Hits: 3,053

Probably the most consistent contact-hitter of all-time, Rod Carew made his career out of taking plenty of pitches and hitting balls through the gaps of frustrated third and first basemen.

He was an 18-time all-star selection and won the 1977 AL MVP.

Lou Brock

Hits: 3,023

He was all about the hustle. The man that broke Ty Cobb’s stolen base record, Lou Brock, was a firecracker for the St. Louis Cardinals both in the batter’s box and on the field.

Brock was a six-time all-star selection and won two World Series titles with the Cardinals.

He hit .293 for his career and drove in 900 runs.

Derek Jeter

Hits: 3,004

“The Captain,” “Mr. October,” — the nicknames go on and on for the New York Yankees beloved shortstop Derek Jeter.

Jeter, who joined the 3,000 hit club this past weekend with a classic 5-for-5 game, has won 5 World Series titles with the Bronx Bombers.

He’s also a twelve-time all-star, and is signed with the Yankees through 2015.

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