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Last week on Wright on the Edge, guest Amy Wax was criticized for suggesting that black Americans should take more responsibility instead of blaming racism for the quality of their lives. “There’s no question that slavery and discrimination have caused harms,” Professor Wax said, “but the harms they have caused can’t really be corrected by outsiders. African-Americans who study hard, who get married, who work steadily and obey the law–they are making it.”

In her book Race, Wrongs and Remedies, Wax suggests that discrimination against blacks has dramatically abated and that the most important factors NOW impeding black progress are behavioral: low educational attainment, poor socialization and work habits, drug use, criminality, paternal abandonment, and non-marital childbearing. Do you agree?

Join Wendy Wright to continue the debate on race, wrongs and remedies this Saturday at 1pm. Talk just got interesting!

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