It won’t be news to most people that physical attractiveness can help you in many aspects of life, from finding a partner to getting a better table at a restaurant. And there have been many studies demonstrating the ways in which being pretty or handsome gets you a job over a less attractive candidate.

This infographic from Online MBA Programs, however, puts those numbers together in a way that’s both hilarious and terrifying. Covering all aspects of attractiveness, from height to makeup to weight, research is most definitely on the side of the beautiful.

So what’s to be done if you were graced with, well, less-than-fortunate genes? For shorter men, apparently, the answer could lie in earning at least $175,000 more than their more attractive counterparts. And for both genders, confidence is decidedly key — posture, dressing well and eye contact can all help in making people find you more attractive than you actually are. Everyone sit up straight now!