With the snow blizzard of 2010 re-upping on last night and continuing into today, weather predictions estimate that at least 6 inches of added snow will lay on the ground once the snow fall ceases. This unprecedented snow fall that began last Friday, stopped on Saturday and picked up again last night has affected local businesses in the worst way.

While residents of the DC, MD and VA area are cautioned to stay inside and off the roads to help plow trucks remove snow from streets as easy as possible, local businesses are feeling the brunt of fewer customers to their establishment. In addition, those currently unemployed are unable to travel to job interviews for potential new employment due to the patchy roads and the stoppage of Metro.

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“I had two interviews this week,” said Maryland resident, Rene Jacobs. “Now, because of the snow, I couldn’t make it. One place called me to reschedule, but the other one didn’t. I hope I didn’t lose a chance at a job.”

Those who have employment may be economically impacted as well. While those who are salaried employees with leave are able to take off during these snow days and still receive their regular paychecks, those who work for an hourly wage or as contractors are feeling the economic brunt of this week’s snow closures.

“I work a job where I get paid only when I come in,” says one DC resident who did not wish to share his name. “Because of the snow, my work place is closed. So, I don’t get paid. I can’t work even if I wanted to. I am going to be hurting after all of this.”

This winter blast has contributed to over 20 inches of snowfall, the largest levels to hit the DC area this century. The snow has contributed to numerous closings of the federal government, local school districts and private industry.


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