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A trip to the supermarket can put you in the mood for romance. Certain foods are considered aphrodisicas. An aphrodisiac is a substance or food that increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. has a list of legendary, edible “aphrodisiacs” that are safe (and healthy!) for you and your partner to enjoy. So give them a try — it can’t hurt!

1.Oysters are among the world’s oldest reputed aphrodisiacs. Try some fresh oysters on the half shell with a squirt of lemon and some spicy sauce, and see where the night takes the two of you.

2. Chocolate is now considered a super food with potential health benefits. But through the ages, it’s been linked to love and romance thanks to its effect on neurotransmitters and endorphins (the “feel good” chemicals) in the brain.

3. Red Wine, drinking a small amount of wine (especially red wine) daily may increase your HDL, or good, cholesterol and reduce your risk of blood clots. Red wine, in particular, also contains powerful antioxidants. Cheers to that!

4. Ginsing,  studies have shown that ginseng may sexually stimulate animals, but there is no conclusive evidence that it has any effect on a human’s sexual response. Feel free to give it a try though!

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Sending positve vibes toward unconditional love– Robin

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