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If you’ve been searching in the R&B section of the music store for the latest release from soul singer Anthony Hamilton you’re searching in the wrong place.

The Charlotte, North Carolina native recently has found success in the gospel music arena with the popularity of his song Pass Me Over from his latest project, Ain’t Nobody Worryin’.

The song is in heavy rotation on many gospel stations. And it highlights Hamilton’s spirituality and what he says is the foundation for his secular career.

“It comes from my grandmother. It’s a way of life from the south that I adopted. My mother taught me to uplift God’s name and to never be ashamed to show respect for God and for others,” Hamilton told Gospel News in a recent interview.

Anyone who’s attended one of Hamilton’s concerts knows that the setting can easily transform into a church service complete with gospel music and holy dancing. He says his concerts are spirit-filled because it’s a reflection of who he is.

“First, I am a man of God. Because of who I am, I have a right to do that. There’s no need for me not to.”

Hamilton said his secular success is not a conflict of his faith in God because his music always is respectful, adding that “I don’t feel that anything I sing is contradicting my love for God or my love for people. I know that I’m exactly where God put me; I am properly placed.”

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