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Speak Up For Your Life | Ericaism

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I grew up with a lot of big talkers around me, big personalities and a big family. It’s easy to hide and not speak up for yourself. And then you add being in a Christian family. It’s not always Christ-like to speak up for yourself. You let others speak for you and let God right your battle so you don’t do a good job. I didn’t do a good job of standing up for myself and speaking up for myself when I didn’t like certain things. I wouldn’t be direct. I would use weak words like. Well, maybe I maybe I should not say that like I don’t. I don’t really. I don’t really like that. As opposed to saying don’t do that anymore. Don’t prefer that it take me some time to get there. 

Even in my business dealings and with people that I love. You know, I had to learn that it takes time to do it. And I think that you have to do a little soul searching for yourself to find out why and where that comes from, because we all are processing from, you know, where we come from and what we’ve seen. If you come from a family where everybody fight getting a problem this ain’t. A problem for you, but if you come from a family where you were taught to be nice and kind. And you don’t want to offend people and you don’t want to walk on people. You want people to think that you’re nice, you don’t get in the practice of speaking up for yourself. So you endure things and you just hope they will change instead of changing your situation, you become more reactive than proactive in your life and learning to be proactive in your life. It’s much more beneficial. You’re not waiting on somebody else to do something for you to recognize that they’re doing something that you like because they probably are fine with it and you’re not, and you’re not saying anything and it is OK to speak up in your life.  


I am so blessed to be at this age that I am and still be nice and kind to people, but still know how to speak up. I don’t like things when I don’t prefer things when I need things to change or I need people to change. It’s it’s necessary in my business. It’s necessary in my family and at my church, especially with a family as big as mine. It’s women all over the place, everybody’s opinionated. So you have to learn how to speak up and speak your truth and love and not isolate yourself? I know far too many people just pull away. They’re not going to hear me. They don’t listen. So you just leave and you, you lose loving relationships, but you grow and mature when you learn to speak up in your life. To the people that you love and love, you back other conversations. Easy. Not at all. But it is something that you need to do.  

And if you learn to do, it’s like this how you do one thing is how you do everything. If you learn how to speak up for yourself, you learn to speak up for others. You learn to speak up in your work and in your relationships. But if you don’t speak up for you, you’re not going to speak up for anybody else either. So learn to speak up for yourself. Maybe you need to grow in that area. Maybe you need to go to therapy and you know, spend some time in prayer. And find out like why do I not speak up for myself? Why do I let everybody else do? Like, why do I let everybody else do everything and hope for the best? I want you to be bold, bold enough. I want you to love yourself enough to speak up in your life and speak up in kindness, but firm and strong and sure. And don’t doubt and don’t waver. You hear what I’m saying? I’m talking to you today. 

It’s time to speak up. Don’t let them walk over you anymore. Don’t just take their opinion and what they think and how they feel. It is OK for you to add what you want to the conversation.  


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