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Maurette Brown-Clark Talks New Album And Her ‘Lingering’ Longevity

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Not many people can say they’ve lasted in the game of gospel for 25 years and counting. Then again, not many can boast the voice of Maurette Brown-Clark that’s been singing for the people ever since her grand debut in 1998 with How I Feel.

After releasing just four albums in the past two-and-a-half decades, the vocal goddess is back in a big way with new music in the form of her just-released fifth studio album, He Loves Me. The project was preceded by an infectious lead single titled “I See Good.”



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Darlene McCoy was one of the lucky few that got a chance to attend a listening session for the new album, and it led Maurette Brown-Clark straight here to The Nightly Spirit studios for a brief one-on-one. From discussing the LP’s singles to coming up with a great word to describe her decades-spanning longevity, the conversation was a pure love fest from all angles.

Watch Maurette Brown-Clark above on The Nightly Spirit With Darlene McCoy, and stream her new album, He Loves Me, on all DSPs and gospel music outlets.

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