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Meatless Christmas?

Most of us already have some idea that we should consume less, or no, animal products. There are plenty of good reasons to start avoiding animal products:

Current methods of factory farming have many inherent problems. These include the spread of disease, cruelty to animals, and the fact that the flesh we consume comes from animals that may have been drugged and hormone saturated.  If you are not convinced, you may want to read Eating Animals.Many experts agree that the only way to keep feeding billions of people the levels of animal products they demand is to continue factory farming. The only way to reduce this need is to eat less meat.Many studies have proven that we can be healthier by substituting vegetarian alternatives for animal products.

But still, main dishes which include meat are expected at holiday feasts. How can you possibly present the table to your family and friends with no turkey or pork or beef?

The idea of a vegetarian Christmas(or Chanukah or New Year’s or Kwanzaa) seems radical. But I believe that you can find some great ideas for vegetarian feasts that will be so good that the absence of animal products will either be unremarked or praised! I also believe that your lentil meatloaf or spinach lasagna will help you, and your guests, embrace the true spirit of the holidays!

Leaving out the meat if only for one meal can also save you money. Instead of being a cheapskate though, you can always donate the extra money to your favorite charity! Good luck with going meatless and let me know how you do!

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