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Marvin Gaye Performs At Radio City

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We continue the Black Music Month celebration by discussing one of the most personal albums of all time. Marvin Gaye‘s album “Here My Dear” is a classic of black music and set a standard that stands to this day. Released in 1978, the album was one of the first to put personal relationships and emotions at its center, setting it apart from most other albums released at that time.



The story behind this record is almost as interesting as the music itself. Following a bitter divorce battle with his wife Anna Gordy, Gaye was ordered to pay her $600,000 in alimony payments over several years. To fulfill this obligation he recorded Here My Dear, a double album full of songs about love lost and heartache, and gave all profits from its sales directly to Anna.


While the album was a commercial and critical failure when released, “Here My Dear” has been hailed as a masterpiece by fans and critics alike for its honesty and vulnerability. It marked a departure for Marvin Gaye who had previously been known for funkier dance tracks like “Got To Give It Up” or romantic ballads but on this album, he dug much deeper into his own life experiences, something which resonated with listeners worldwide.


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