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Sad Woman at the Beach

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Are you feeling invisible today?  You may be surrounded by a crowd of people and yet feel alone and Isolated.  This may be how the woman who needed a healing touch from Jesus felt, but wans convinced he would never notice her among so many.  She reached out and touched him, and found him fully aware.  Hagar, Sarah’s servant, was driven from her home by her and became he deliverer.

It’s difficult to comprehend that as small and insignificant as we are in time and space, God sees each of us and even knows our name.  Others may not seem to notice or understand, but God knows our whole story.  He is always present, all seeing, all wise.  No matter where we are, God sees YOU.


Psalm 33:13-14  The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race.  From his throne he observes all who live on the earth.


I am so thankful, Lord, that you not only see me physically, but you see into my heart and mind and know my every thought.  Help me always to remember that I am never invisible to you.



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