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National Another Look Unlimited Day on the day after Labor Day provides an opportunity for Fall cleaning.

Are you feeling green?  Has stuff piled up around the house since Spring cleaning time?  This observance is a day dedicated to taking a look around your home and ridding it of the excess things you have accumulated. Think Spring cleaning meets Fall cleaning.

It’s time to clear out the closets. Purge the attic. Donate toys and clothes. Tidy up, clean up, and put to use those items that have a purpose!

Just because people throw it out and don’t have any use for it, doesn’t mean it’s garbage. ~ Andy Warhol

Before you haul your items to the trash consider that many items have multiple uses. Re-purposing an item that appears to be no longer useful can be satisfying. Need some creative inspiration?  Check out Pinterest or Etsy.  Savvy moms convert old cribs into useful arts and crafts centers or reuse broken dressers as books shelves or wine racks.

When you no longer find your old items useful, others might. Your trash may very well be someone else’s treasure. So consider selling or donating it to someone who will give it new life.

HOW TO OBSERVE #AnotherLookUnlimitedDay

Find at least one item around the house to recycle, re-purpose, donate or sell. While you’re looking for that one item, consider solutions to reducing the number of things you toss and minimizing how much you add to your household over time. Share your ideas and solutions, too! Use #AnotherLookUnlimitedDay to post on social media.

source:  National Day Calendar