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Puerto Rico, Dorado, beach with palm trees

Source: Jim Ong / Getty

It’s the unofficial start of summer and people all over the world are planning their Vacations, and most of them end up going out of the United States to the sunny Caribbean.

Recently, the Dominican Republic has been in the news, not for it’s iconic beaches or warm weather, but rather the deaths of various tourists and visitors.

A Couple from Upper Marlboro, Maryland and another American from Pennsylvania have died just days apart while vacationing at the same resort in the Dominican Republic.  Another couple from Texas died recently while on vacation in Fiji.

For FBI terrorists expert Brad Garrett has given some safety tips while traveling abroad during these trying times.
  • Build your own safety network.
  • Always have important phone numbers in your phone such as relatives, doctors and the embassy.
  • Know what emergency services are available, if any.
  • Know what kind of locks are on the door.
  • Know where the entrances and exits are.

BRAD GARRETT:  “Despite the fact that you’re going to a beautiful resort, you’re still in a Third World environment by and large.”

Travelers should not let their guards down when staying in American-based hotels either.

BRAD GARRETT:  “[Hotels and resorts] are going to go along with whatever the track record is and the rules are there.”

So if you have plans to travel to the beautiful Caribbeans this summer, Experts say “don’t let your guard down,”  yes it’s beautiful, but it’s still THIRD WORLD!!!!