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Detroit’s 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree is being sued in federal court

Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree is in the news again.

Fox 2 News Detroit reports that Robert King is suing McCree and Geniene LaShay Mott, the mother of King’s child, accusing them of having a sexual relationship while Mott and King had a child support case before the judge.

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Mott claims that she had a romantic relationship with McCree and that they even had sex in his chambers. King claims that Mott conspired with McCree to shake him down for child support. In his federal lawsuit, King is asking for validation that he did nothing wrong and restitution for an unspecified amount of money.

“This is a case about a constitutional violation by Wade McCree and Miss Mott, who conspired to deprive my client, Robert King, of his 14th Amendment and 5th Amendment due process rights,” said attorney Joel B. Sklar.

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Judges have immunity, so they cannot be sued. Though King’s lawyer says this case is an exception.

Watch Robert King talk about his lawsuit below:

“In this case there is no immunity because all the acts that took place are known as non-judicial acts.  A non-judicial act is something that is not protected by immunity, and I am confident… that Judge McCree cannot avail himself of any immunity nor can Miss Mott whatsoever,” Sklar told me.

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As NewsOne previously reported, McCree was suspended last week without pay while Michigan’s High Court investigates the nature of his relationship with Mott. Last summer, he was censored by the Michigan’s Supreme Court for sending a shirtless tweet to a female bailiff. King said that he hopes his lawsuit will help empower people who feel unjustly treated by the system.

“Basically it’s to bring awareness.  It can’t happen.  How can it happen?  Judges are supposed to be the most honest people plain and simple.  That’s what we were all taught.  When we go in front of a court of law, we swear on a Bible.  That’s something that they swear to when they took the seat.  And how can you do this?  You can’t do it to anybody.  It’s not just me.  Now you’ve got to backtrack and pay attention to what’s going on,” King remarked.

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