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US President Obama in Charlotte for Democrats electoral rally

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A senior US Energy Department official appointed by Donald Trump once described former President Obama as a “Kenyan creampuff” on Twitter.

According to The Washington Post, William C. Bradford, director of the Department’s Office of Indian Energy, also believed that Obama might refuse to step down after his two terms of office, asking “what will we do? Is a military coup the only answer?”

In a now deleted account, Bradford seemed obsessed with Obama, Tweeting about cooky conspiracy theories accusing our first Black president of not being a U.S. citizen and being in cahoots with terrorists.

“I think Obama was given his mission in Tehran long ago, and it suits him just fine. How else can a Kenyan creampuff get ahead,” he tweeted in December last year.

Another one said: “No one listens to the Tehran Candidate any more. He should slink away…”

He tried it.

Bradford didn’t stop at Obama—he also referred to Facebook co-creator Mark Zuckerberg as an “arrogant, self-hating Jew” and climate scientists as “cultists” and “nuts.”

After being called out for his problematic beliefs and Tweets, Bradford, who was previously the attorney general of the Chiricahua Apache Nation, sent the Post an email apologizing for his behavior.

“As a minority and member of the Jewish faith, I sincerely apologize for my disrespectful and offensive comments,” he wrote. “These comments are inexcusable and I do not stand by them.

“Now, as a public servant, I hold myself to a higher standard, and I will work every day to better the lives of all Americans.”

Oh, so before it was OK to be ignorant and hateful?

Not surprisingly, Bradford is no stranger to controversy.

The Independent reported that back in 2015, Bradford resigned as an assistant professor at the West Point military academy after writing an article in which he claimed that some American academics critical of US foreign policy were Fifth Columnists for Islamist terrorists engaged in “psychological warfare … against their own people”.

Yeah, he seems like a real winner.


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