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Donald Trump Is Sworn In As 45th President Of The United States

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The Trumps are raising some serious eyebrows about how much their lavish lifestyle is costing the American people.

According to The Independent, Donald Trump’s trips to his luxury Florida resort have already cost US taxpayers at least $24 million— roughly as much as former President Barack Obama spent on travel in the first two years of his presidency. Since Trump has took office ten weeks ago, he has spent seven weekends at his resort Mar-a-Lago, which costs a whopping $3 million a pop that also includes Secret Service detail costs.

This is incredibly ironic given how during the eight years that Obama was in office, the GOP, including Trump, had issues with his vacations and golfing outings, citing that they were a serious waste of tax payers’ money.

But here is the gag: During his entire eight years in the White House, Obama spent a total of $97 million, which on average equates to $12.1 million a year, the news website noted. This is half of what Trump has spent in a mere two and a half months.

In addition, tax payers are not just paying for Trump’s travel: We are also paying between $127,000 and $146,000 a day for First Lady Lady Melania and Mr Trump’s youngest son, Barron, to stay in New York. Yet, reports say that the family plans to move to Washington D.C. sometime after September.

Meanwhile, just think of all of the social programs #45 wants to cut that could stay intact if the Trumps would stop taking all these expensive trips?

SOURCE: The Independent


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