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Source: Xinhua News Agency / Getty

The 44th President of the United States put together a health plan that would help every American Citizen, and it gave Americans lower health care costs and insured that every person would have health insurance at a cost that they could afford.

Now the Republicans and Donald Trump have vowed to repeal what is called “ObamaCare”.   Now political and Insurance experts are saying that if the Republicans repeal ObamaCare, that Insurance Premiums would skyrocket for millions of Americans and more than 18 million more people will be uninsured in the first year if the Republicans don’t have a replacement.

Republicans have showed different outlines for how they want to change ObamaCare, but they are not all on the same page on designing one Insurance Plan.  Donald Trump and Republican leaders in Congress have at times clashed on coming together to put together a plan that would satisfy everybody.

It is predicted that this Repeal and Overhaul of “ObamaCare” will be the biggest fight and news story of the next year.



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