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In the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump, who received fewer votes than any Republican presidential candidate in the last 16 years, the African-American community is looking for a way to advance.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. Founder of Rainbow PUSH, said on Monday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now, “We need not be despondent, but our fears are legitimate until they’re relieved.”

Jackson said, “If this president embraces state’s rights flipped back to 1965, don’t take that lightly.

“He [Donald Trump] talked about voter fraud – voter suppression took place in North Carolina and Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan – so the treatment of Black vote determines the outcome of this election,” said Jackson.

He explained African-Americans should “not take lightly what it means to have our vote denied in ’65, discounted in 2000, and suppressed in 2016.”

Jackson also addressed Trump naming Steve Bannon, who is considered to be a White nationalist, Chief Strategist in his cabinet. Rev. Jackson told Roland Martin, “Multiculturalism does not appeal to him as much as White supremacy does, so programs of inclusion, affirmative action, EEOC contract compliance will be attacked by this administration.”

Jackson added, “We must protect what we have gained and fight when they touch our bell.”

Another topic that has caused major concern around the nation involves Trump’s campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Jackson said, “20 million Americans have health insurance who did not have it before and if they are cut off, people will die.”

He continued, “One reason why Trump is stepping back is because more Whites are on it than Blacks -– it’s not just a Black program, it was kind of labeled that way.”

While speaking about the most attractive aspects of Obamacare, Rev. Jackson explained the pre-existing condition provision, allowing children to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26 years of age, and the fact that if someone is laid off, they will not lose coverage, “is real solid progress and we cannot step away from that.”

Rev. Jackson also addressed the ongoing discussion about doing away with the electoral college and how it could still be used to elect Hillary Clinton. He said, “It’s an elitist notion that we can’t trust the common people and so if they don’t vote the way the elites want it, then they reserve the right to, without any accountability, determine the winner.”

On December 19th, the electoral college will cast their votes. Jackson said if Clinton’s popular vote totals continue to rise, “There’s going to be real tension in the country.”

Watch Roland Martin and Rev. Jesse Jackson discuss the election of Donald Trump in the video clip above.

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