Roland Martin and Rev. Jackson discuss the challenges facing Black America under a Trump presidency.


homegoing service was attended by legendary members of the Black press like Les Payne and Ed Gordon. Kemba Smith — who was profiled nationally by Curry in Emerge magazine — and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., spoke during the services, honoring the life of Curry.

Longtime journalist and champion of the Black press, George Curry, passed away on Saturday of a heart attack in Maryland at the age of 69.


Roland Martin and a select panel of guests discussed the home-going service and the celebration of Ali.


In 1988, Rev. Jesse Jackson ran for the Democratic presidential nomination, but Governor Michael Dukakis ultimately won the spot. Jackson mesmerized and galvanized many voters during the ’88 campaign, just as Sen. Bernie Sanders has done in 2016. Rev. Jackson understood that in order to increase his leverage and have an impact on the Democratic Party going […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson says it’s been “an extraordinarily difficult time” for his family. He was in court in Washington to see his son, former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., sentenced to two and a-half years in prison. I think we all need to pray for Rev. Jackson and his family. It […]

CHICAGO — During the opening of the 40th annual Rainbow PUSH Coalition conference, Rev. Jesse Jackson addressed his vexation with a photo ID law that he says disenfranchises minority groups such as African Americans, Latinos and college students, who are less likely to bring photo identification cards to the polls. The requirement is currently upheld […]