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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have seemingly reached across the aisle and teamed up to support the same issue.

The two powerful politicians have thrown their support behind Congressman James Clyburns (D-SC) 10-20-30 plan, which is aimed at ending poverty in communities that have resided below the poverty line for decades.

Rep. Clyburn’s plan can be summed up by the following: The 10-20-30 plan would commit at least 10 percent of federal resources to 20 percent of the population that has lived below the poverty line for the last 30 years or more.

The vast majority of the communities that would benefit from the 10-20-30 plan are represented by Republicans.

Rep. Clyburn shared on NewsOne Now that the 10-20-30 plan was first proposed in 2009 while the stimulus bill was being crafted.

He told Roland Martin“We convinced Congress to put it in four sections of the rules development part of the act bill, we then took a look at what happened – 4,600 projects got funded in these areas.”

Clyburn continued, “People got water and sewage that they have been trying to get for forty and fifty years. People got broadband build-outs in areas in rural communities where they were not able to afford to do it. It just had a remarkable success.”

After writing an essay on the groundbreaking anti-poverty plan for Harvard University, Speaker Ryan approached Rep. Clyburn “and now they’ve put this formula into seventeen different accounts of the appropriations bill.”

Martin highlighted the fact that Congressman Clyburn presented the 10-20-30 plan to the White House and received little support for the initiative.

Rep. Clyburn did say, “Hillary Clinton’s comments several times in the campaign is the first time that I’ve gotten that level of support on my side of the aisle.”

Martin made specific mention of who the plan would benefit the most and said the 10-20-30 initiative is not race-based, it “is need based.” 

The host of NewsOne Now has often said during previous discussions on poverty in America, “Broke is broke,” regardless of location or color.

“To have Republicans have to own up to the fact that two-thirds of the counties that qualify for this are in Republican districts means a lot of broke White folks.

If you go to West Virginia and Kentucky, that’s exactly what you’re going to find … you go to New Mexico or Arizona, there are Hispanics. If you go to South Dakota or Alaska, they’re Native Americans. You don’t get to Black people until you get to South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana.”

The Congressman from South Carolina continued, “This is targeting places of need and putting the money there … all this talk about programs without putting the money there is foolhardy and I’m just not going to get on that train.”

Watch Roland Martin, Rep. James Clyburn, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the support Clyburn’s 10-20-30 anti-poverty plan has received.


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