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For the past four days, Roland Martin has been asking Black Republicans about the specifics of Donald Trump’s plan when it comes to African-Americans.

If you’ve been watching NewsOne Now on TV One this week or listening to the live audio stream, you know obtaining the details of Trump’s plan has been like finding a needle in a haystack.

During his Republican presidential nomination speech on Thursday, Trump said he was going to detail his plan and give specifics on what he would do to “make America great again.” Yet, after an hour and fifteen minutes, no specifics were revealed.

So, Martin turned to Black Republicans to see if they knew what Trump’s plans are now that he is essentially the leader of their party.

Telly Lovelace, National Director of Black Initiatives at the RNC, told Martin we will “begin to see those come out next week.” 

“Mr. Trump knows that African-American [un]employment is sky-high and he wants to turn that around. So you’re going to see those policies and proposals come out right after the convention,” he continued.

Ashley Bell, Chairwoman of 20/20 Leaders of America – who is still critical of Trump for not already proposing a plan to address the African-American community – said, “Once he (Trump) presents a platform on the issues that I think Black people care about, it will be critiqued like anybody else’s and then at least we’ll have an option to determine whether or not they want to support him.” 

Clarence Mingo, Auditor for Franklin County, Ohio, told Martin, “I’m still waiting to see a very prominent Republican have a national dialogue about why White Americans and Black Americans still can’t seem to communicate and understand each other’s perspectives.”

Mingo believes Trump should lead that conversation and “engage African-Americans at every single level.”

Sean Jackson, Chairman of the Black Republicans Caucus of South Florida, explained he shares with African-Americans that the “platform of the Republicans really does coincide with the views and the beliefs of Black America.”

When Martin asked Jackson if HBCUs were included the GOP’s platform, Jackson couldn’t answer because “he was not sure.”

So after four days of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, we still do not have a plan from Donald Trump or Republicans to specifically address our issues.

Watch Roland Martin and a number of Black Republicans discuss Donald Trump’s plan, or lack thereof, to address issues important to the African-American community in the video clip above.


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