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On Sunday’s edition of MSNBC’s AM Joy with Joy Reid, the mother of slain 12-year-old Tamir Rice discussed a range of topics, including her struggles with coping with her son’s death and her disappointment with President Obama for not providing tangible solutions to ending police brutality in America.

“President Barack Obama, I don’t know what you are doing,” Samaria Rice said with disgust. “I don’t know how you are able to sleep at night … Nobody is getting any justice … I am very disappointed in him.”

Rice added, “He did some things, but we are talking about lives being saved.”

On her meeting with Hillary Clinton about racial injustice:

“I feel like she did hear us and that she understands where we were coming from. But we need not for [her] to just understand, but we need some action behind that.”

On her hometown of Cleveland and the people of Ohio:

“I’m wondering what is wrong with Ohio and Cleveland because I live here. I don’t know what is wrong with people up here. Seems like…you know…they’re not woke or something.”

On the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States:

“Lord, please don’t let him be the president, because it’s all going up in flames, right before their eyes. ”

On what she wants white people to do about injustice:

“White privileged Americans need to step up with us. This is affecting all of us, not just sit back and just look at us like they’re not part of the problem. Just to have some unity and some change across this nation.”

On the Black Lives Matter Movement:

“I appreciate Black Lives Matter for stepping up and showing me with unity could look like.”

BEAUTIES, what do you think? Are her points about POTUS valid?


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