For the past three years, the family of Jahi McMath has been relentlessly trying to prove that the teen is still alive despite being declared “brain dead”. In 2013, Jahi entered a vegetative state after going into cardiac arrest during a routine surgery to remove her tonsils and help her sleep apnea.

Three doctors declared the then 13-year-old legally dead and tried to take her off of life support which Jahi’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, fought in court. The family was forced to relocate from Oakland to New Jersey in order to have Jahi stay in a facility that was willing to keep the now 15-year-old on life support.

When the unique medical case began to go viral, Nailah created a “Keep Jahi Mcmath on Life Support” Facebook page which has since received nearly 50,000 “likes”. It’s been three months since Nailah last posted on the page. The optimistic mom recently shared a new photo of her daughter.

“Jahi Will Rise. A recent picture of beautiful Jahi, doing very well, hair, skin and all very healthy, growing into a beautiful young lady right in front of her mothers eyes. God has done and is still doing great things in this young girls life. Jahi’s Journey and Miracle is a story and testimony to be told” said Nailah. 


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