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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder picks up from Phillip’s attack on Annalise. Annalise gets away from him without getting hurt but if Phillip went after her, then no one in her crew is safe, so they all need to stick together.

This is another flashback-heavy episode where we get more clues about what happened to Wes’ mom and Annalise’s baby. None of it is pretty. Remember how Annalise watched Wes’ mom kill herself? Well, that’s not something she can reveal because then it looks shady on her part, like she has been harassing the witness. And, why on Earth was she at Rose’s apartment? So, Annalise, while everyone else is speculating that Wes’ mom was murdered, insists that it was suicide based on forensic evidence and nudges anyone who disagrees in that direction, but it gets worse, more on that later.

It’s important to note that while Annalise’s proteges are all holed up at her place, Caleb is somewhere out in the world missing. At the moment it seems like Phillip may have gotten to him, but we’re still not sure.

Now, back to those flashbacks. We cut to Annalise on the phone concocting a plan to pin Rose’s murder on the Mahoney family. She happened to be driving, and then her car gets rammed from the side (not because she wasn’t paying attention, it’s because the driver ran a red light). She had to get an emergency c-section, and the baby doesn’t make it. Annalise and her husband share a heartbreaking moment where they say goodbye to their deceased baby. The whole scene is the worst. It’s especially unnerving when you see those rare moments where Annalise actually shows emotion. This is definitely one of those moments.

Now back to the case…

What happened was, the Mahoney’s patriarch put pressure on Rose to lie in court. That is why Rose was so afraid. She didn’t want to lie, but she also didn’t want to get deported. As you know, the pressure eventually led her to killing herself. She was terrified of the Mahoney patriarch because he had been repeatedly raping her over the years because he knew he could get away with it (with the fear of deportation looming over Rose’s head). Yup, you guessed it, he is Wes’ father!

The episode wraps with a major hook up shocker between Michaela and Asher, and Laurel gets too big for her britches. Laurel stops by Annalise’s house, drunk, and begins babbling about various things, including the revelation that she knows Frank killed Lila. Laurel thinks Annalise told Frank to kill Lila in order to set her plan in motion to play them all in an effort to get rid of Sam. Annalise didn’t seem to have much fight in her about that and just decided to let Laurel cook for now while she packs up and goes to chill at her mom’s crib for a while. Yay, Cicely Tyson is coming back!

Anyway, word on the street is, things are going to be really intense next week!



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