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An estimated 2,000,000 burglaries occur in the United States each year: there is good reason to be mindful of your home security. However, when most of our ideas of break ins are from Hollywood and video games, we need to look at the facts to make sure we’re protecting our homes from facts and not myths. SimpliSafe went out to find the most common burglary myths. Then, we looked at what actually happens during a burglary. When you know the facts, you can make sure that you can best protect yourself against a break in!

When do Break Ins Occur?

In movies and advertisements, breaks ins occur during the dead of the night. With the darkness a cover, a burglar covertly enters a home. Most people believe this to be true, but the majority of burglaries actually occur during the day! In fact, over 40% off break ins occur during the day- typically during business hours! Another common myth is that you will be home during a break in. Thankfully that is not the case! Burglars do not want to meet people when they enter a home: they want as little trouble as possible. The average burglary is only 8 minutes!

How Does a Burglar Break In?

Though it is a common belief that burglars break in through a window, doors are actually the most common point of entry. 60% of burglaries occur through a door (the most common entry point is the front door). 36% of break ins through a door happen because the door was left opened or unlocked! Make sure to always lock your door behind you!


When windows are the entry point to a home, the window pane is most often broken. 61% of window break ins include breaking glass! Glass break sensors are an important layer of protection for your home. Despite common perception, it’s unlikely a break in will happen through a basement or a garage, with only 4% and 9% occurring through their respectfully.

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What is Most Often Stolen?

If you were going to protect one valuable in your home, what item would you select? Most people would protect their appliances. The truth is that electronics are the most commonly stolen items. When designing your home security system, make sure to place sensors in the room with your TV and computer, and in rooms with any other items you wish to protect. Entry sensors have many functions, including protecting your electronics! Many people assume that firearms are one of the most common items stolen, but the truth is that firearms are only stolen 2% of the time!

One of the most important elements to your home security is layered protection. A security alarm system is a great tool to your home protection. When you’re arming your home against break ins, make sure to know the facts and you’ll be as safe as houses.

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