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“In the end, those things that affect your life most deeply are too simple to talk about.” Nell Blaine

Dear Lord, help me see the value in all people. Grant me the wisdom to understand that all people have things in common. Please help me see past the differences to make this world a better place. For we are all the same in your eyes. Amen

How is your life lately? Are you going through serious trials and tribulations? Are you in a time of peace and genuine happiness? Are you confused because you are at a fork in the road? Whatever your situation may be, seeking God’s wisdom for your life is essential.

We all go through many types of scenarios and seasons of life. No matter what the occasion, wisdom should be a major focus. When we act and speak wisely, ultimately God is glorified, but also, people notice something in us. This can be a stepping stone into a possible conversion. So, be on guard! Guard you heart, mind and soul! Stay in the Word and in Prayer! Seek wisdom around every single corner! God bless you as you live a life worthy of the calling!

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“I am convinced beyond a shodow of any doubt that the most valuable pursuit we can embark upon is to know God.” Kay Arthur

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