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Jessica Reedy BetterJessica Reedy was the runner-up on season two of BET’s ‘Sunday Best.’ Though Reedy did not win the gospel music competition series, she still feels victorious because she hasn’t stopped working since her season aired.


Elev8:What do you hope people can Learn from your career path?

Jessica Reedy: I hope people will learn that if you want to, you can become and go as far as your faith will take you. I hope they learn that being afraid only gets you to the place called no -where, but conquering your fears and walking in God’s will gets you Any Where you want to go .


Elev8: What has been your greatest lesson in life?

Jessica Reedy: My greatest lesson in Life has been to Put all my Trust in God and be willing to let go. Trusting God has kept me from a lot of heart ache and pain and yet those times I didn’t I felt how low , low, could feel.   I’ve learned to let go. If that means, of myself, People, things.. doesn’t matter.


Elev8: Who is you hero and why?

Jessica Reedy:The Lord is my Hero. He saved me when my mom couldn’t help me anymore. When I had become so down and depressed that all I saw was a hopeless future, he rescued me. He captured me before my foot hit the ground and has since been carrying me.


Elev8: What encourages you to get up and go on? Do you have a mantra?

Jessica Reedy: What encourages me to get up and go on is the possibility that tomorrow may change me life. The hope in believing that possibly tomorrow will be a day that I didn’t expect but would take me to a new height, spiritually, or naturally. The Mantra or quote I say to remind me to keep going is Jeremiah 29:11 “ I know the plans for you, the plans that I have for you, Plans to Prosper to you and not harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a Future”. Just Know Someone (GOD) knows the plan for me. Because most of the time I have no idea.


Elev8: What is the mist shocking fact about you that people do not know?

Jessica Reedy:The  most shocking fact about me is I am not afraid of anything. If fear decides to appear I get so motivated to prove it wrong that I go above beyond even what I imagined. I don’t think there is nothing I cant do with God. Seriously.


Elev8: What do you want to do this year?

Jessica Reedy: I want to travel to Jerusalem Egypt with my son this year. Maybe go a few other places but I definitely want to travel to those two places. It is important to me that I do so.


Elev8: How has this project/time in your life changed you and made you better?

Jessica Reedy: During this time and this project, I have realized that there is much more to me. That I don’t have to be timid, I don’t have to be ashamed, I don’t have to be afraid. I can stand Firm and have a voice and people will listen. God has shown himself even bigger than I pictured HIM and that in itself has been life changing. He sees so much in me, and strategically pulls it out when he feels the time is right and I grateful for that.

Elev8: What do you want your fans to know?

Jessica Reedy:I want them to know that GOD IS REAL! I want them to know that he actually exist. He see them EVERYWHERE THAT THEY GO. And He is in Love with them. Just like he used me, he wants to use everyone who will except Him and His Son. He is Generous in his Giving. And if you answer the call when he says your name, your life will never be the same. I know that from experience.


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