Dr. Ian Smith is a busy man.  He has successfully used his knowledge and brand for the greater good to educate and empower people to get healthy and live a better life.  There’s thousands of testimonies from individuals all over the world who can thank Dr. Ian for speaking to them to turn a new leaf and elev8 themselves to another level.  In addition to the many projects Dr. Smith is involved in,  he has now stepped up to raise the awareness of sickle cell.

We recently spoke to Dr. Smith to get more information on this new campaign.  Here’s what he had to say:

ELEV8: How did you get involved with this campaign?

DR. IAN SMITH: I’m always rooting for the underdog.  I felt that Sickle Cell Anemia needed a National Voice.  WE need to raise the awareness of sickle cell and continue funding research.  It’s important to understand what sickle cell is and how it’s affecting people all across the world.

ELEV8: You had the pleasure to go on a 10-city tour across the country speaking about sickle cell, what have been some of the stories and testimonies that you’ve experience?

DR. IAN SMITH: It’s been a great experience going across the country sitting down and speaking with people. The stories have been similar ones of individuals speaking about their treatments and surgery. Also,it’s been alarming that there was a lack of sensitivity and understanding about sickle cell from people who know very little about the disease.  Its very important that more people know about sickle cell and how it affects people.

ELEV8: The NCAA is now contemplating mandatory testing athletes for the sickle cell trait. What are you thoughts on this?

DR. IAN SMITH: I think knowledge is power.  Having this information could be helpful and people should know the risks. Testing is a good thing and looking at the big picture it makes everyone better equipped knowing this information. Also, we must be careful on the implications of this information hindering individuals who are playing sports.

ELEV8: Where can people find more information about the campaign?

DR. IAN SMITH: You can go to and join the facebook page Be Sickle Smart

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