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Happy Newlyweds in Front of Mansion*(Via iDateDaily) – It’s not uncommon for teenage girls to pick the popular jock over the witty nerd. When your future seems so far away, it’s easy to adopt an “impulsive style” of living, i.e. making choices without considering any long term consequences.

But roughly a decade after high school, the tables change. The popular jock isn’t able to attract women as easily as he had in the past, while the witty nerd can’t keep women off of him. So, why the change?

Research conducted by Dr. Michael French of University of Miami finds that women choose character or personality over looks when seeking a husband.

Dr. French’s research found that while women may choose the most handsome men to have as a live-in boyfriend, they prefer marriage partners with ‘character’ and are willing to accept a few physical imperfections.

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