Imagine walking down the street in your usual fashion, and after responding to a stranger’s greeting, finding your face doused with acid.

That is exactly what happened to 28-year-old, Bethany Storro. The stranger, who allegedly attacked her, did so by throwing a cup full of acid in the young woman’s face after calling out, “Hey! Pretty Girl!”

As the video below illustrates, acid in the face as a form of retaliation is relatively common in other parts of the world for women who resist marriage covenants or who assert their independence by going to school. In the case of a former British model, her attack was carried out on behalf of a jilted boyfriend.

In this instance, however, it appears to have been used as a punishment for…well, nothing. Bethany Storro did not recognize her assailant, a woman, who was believed to be of African-American descent. Until she is apprehended, Bethany and authorities are at a loss at to the motive behind her actions.

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