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So you’re taking the Just 10 Challenge to save your life and to get the most and the best out of your life, Great! Now you’re all set, right? Hold on there hot-foot! Before taking your newly- committed self to the office, business lunch, or family meal get the skinny on controlling your portions, because doing so will help you to reach your weight loss goals for good. So here are my tips to help you curb your overactive appetite and to eyeball your food portions:

  1. Slow Down! Take a breath between bites – it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register fullness.
  2. Fill-up on water before eating (just 1 glass can curb a veracious appetite).
  3. Plan ahead: cook more and control what you eat.
  4. Get back to “Grandma’s” advice and “Eat your roughage!” Leafy green veggies contain lots of fiber which curbs appetite.
  5. Eat more beans for protein and soluble fiber which also protects against heart disease.
  6. Design your meals with three-fourths colorful veggies and fruit and complete the final quarter with 4-6 ounces of lean protein and a serving or half-serving of whole grains.

Know your portions when you see them! Here’s how:

  1. Brown rice, other whole grains, and  mashed potatoes should look like half of a baseball.
  2. A whole-grain muffin should like a tennis ball, that’s all.
  3. A serving of fruit juice – think small cup of yogurt.
  4. Fish, chicken, and lean red meats that are 2-3 ounces should resemble a deck of cards.
  5. A serving of raw almonds is 22 nuts but to “eye-proximate” a handful or serving of nuts in general, think about what 1 and a half golf balls look like. That’s your mark.
  6. A serving of potato chips (because I know you’ll eat them at some point)  an ounce (which equals 1 serving) looks like a half of grapefruit. You’ve got to admit though, a half of ruby red grapefruit, sweet and juicy gives a much bigger bang for your nutrition buck.
  7. A serving of low-fat vanilla ice cream (because I know you’re going to eat ice cream too) should look like a half of a orange.
  8. A one-ounce serving of cheese looks like a pair of dice.
  9. Vegetable serving sizes vary slightly but not much. A serving of raw leafy veggies is 1 cup while a serving of cooked vegetables is half a cup, not the full plate typically served in many restaurants.

Bon Appetite! I’m rootin’ for ‘ya! Together we can do this!

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