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Attorneys for the NAACP filed a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of the residents and businesses affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The suit filed on Thursday in U.S. District Court says the individuals tasked to evaluate the water quality failed to test and treat the water, leading to contamination. Ten people are named […]

There are plenty of heroes who walk among us--even if technically they're on the red carpet. Check out some stories about Hollywood's unlikely heroes below.


James Fortune sits down to talk with rapper T.I. about the release of new episodes of his reality show and how faith and family have…

This fall brings us great reads from first time author, rap extraordinaire Tip.’T.I.” Harris,  Terrance Dean and Scott Paulson  Bryant. Each one of their books tells stories that are  suspenseful, page turning reads in “Power & Beauty,  The V.I.P.’s” and “Mogul. Power & Beauty- Tip T.I. Harris Summary: Tip Harris, better known as Grammy Award-winning, […]