Niecy Davis

Everything your mind thinks your mouth does not need to say. When you have nothing to say, be quiet! Courtesy of Niecy Davis

As we observe Good Friday and prepare for Resurrection Sunday, think about this: Our faith must be strong enough to believe what we can not see! Often we want things to be wrapped in a neat package, but life is not always neat. Faith is believing even when you can’t see. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Know when to give up the fight. Sometimes it is not worth winning an argument or a fight. Sometimes when you think you’ve won, you’ve lost. Bite your tongue-every now and then. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

While meditating this morning, my mind said, “Ask God for nothing and thank GOD for everything.” Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Value your time and respect the time of others. If you commit to a specific time–be there. Don’t assume the world will wait for you. Time keeps moving even when you don’t. Time is a valuable commodity. TIME ONCE GONE IT IS GONE, THERE IS NO MORE Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Don’t panic! When you hear the news everything is negative and the outcome seems bleak. Rely on what you’ve always known. Weeping may endure for the night but JOY comes in the morning! You may not have what you want, but God will supply your needs. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Learn to RELAX! Everything does not need your immediate attention. Relax. Breathe. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

To listen, close your mouth. When people tell you their problems they don’t always want you to solve them, sometimes they just need you to listen! Rearrange the letters in L-I-S-T-E-N, get S-I-L-E-N-T! When you listen stop talking and stop solving… just listen. Courtesy of Niecy Davis

Be careful not to let others lead you into spreading vicious rumors. Sometimes crafty people lay traps for you to fall into. They pump you up with craziness because they know as soon as you get it you are off to spill what you have just heard. Be careful. Just because someone you trust or […]

Life presents us everyday with a variety of choices. The focus should be fulfilling our destiny but sometimes we get sidetracked. We get sidetracked by doing things we know that are not GOD-like. We know right from wrong, but yet we make choices that can lead us down the road to destruction. Who knows when […]