You will be on your way to being your best self when you complete these workouts.

It was a smart move to pack a healthy lunch for yourself and your family instead of being exposed to the potential risks of a…

Sometimes, the morning light can seem piercing to your eyes and on that particular morning, it may be extremely hard to get up to start your day. The blanket might feel like a second skin and the urge to go back to sleep might be strong, but when there are important tasks to be accomplished, […]

Hello everyone I am about half way through my fitness challenge. I can honestly say I’m starting to see changes. I’m starting to lose fat! I have co-workers telling me I’m starting to “lean out.” I can see it when I look in the mirror especially in the mornings.

We tend to listen to our favorite celebrities and fitness experts  when they endorse new ways to get healthy and fit.  All we need to see is someone’s testimony or success story and we’re willing to give it a try. 

Sickle Cell Anemia is a serious disease that affects African-Americans mainly.  The disease is most common in families that hail from Africa, South or Central America, Caribbean Islands, Mediterranean countries, India and South Arabia.

DC based chef, Tianna Feaster traveled to Orlando, Florida to experience one of actor, comedian, radio host and humanitarian Steve Harvey events.  He hosted the Steve Harvey’s Disney Dreamers Academy for selected individuals and motivational people like Mary J. Blige came out to speak with  the attendees. 

Well it’s time for another circuit.  When our players report to camp overweight the first thing we do is introduce them to circuit training. One of my favorite forms of circuit training is Dumbbell Complex Training or Dumbbell Circuit Training. I like DB Circuit training because you don’t need a lot of resistance, which […]