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Well it’s time for another circuit.  When our players report to camp overweight the first thing we do is introduce them to circuit training. One of my favorite forms of circuit training is Dumbbell Complex Training or Dumbbell Circuit Training. I like DB Circuit training because you don’t need a lot of resistance, which makes it safer and you can add so many dynamic movements which is always good for getting the heart rate up and burning calories. The Dumbbell Circuit I put together for you includes 5 exercises: 1. DB Lunges 2. DB  Squats 3. DB Rows 4. DB High Pulls and 5.DB Shoulder Press w/ Rotation. These are basic exercises, follow the directions and you will do great! I recommend completing the circuit 1-3 times depending on your fitness level. The video below will walk you through the circuit. I slowed the movements down for you as you will see. Once you get the technique down move through the exercises as fast as possible maintaining a high intensity level. Once again, have fun, be safe and challenge yourself.

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