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Hello everyone I am about half way through my fitness challenge. I can honestly say I’m starting to see changes. I’m starting to lose fat! I have co-workers telling me I’m starting to “lean out.” I can see it when I look in the mirror especially in the mornings.

My challenge during this fitness challenge is nutrition. Like most people, sometimes I don’t make the right decisions. I feel these bad decisions are holding me back. I’ve been eating too many simple carbohydrates (foods containing low essential vitamins, minerals and refined sugars.) What I have improved upon is my meal consumption during the day. I am consistently consuming 5 meals a day. This is very difficult with my schedule but with my  meal replacement shakes, I am able get the 5 meals that I need. I have a very active workout schedule 6 days a week. I workout @ 7pm. The mistake I was making earlier was consuming a meal replacement shake  after my workouts which ends up being around 8:30pm. I would wake up in the morning feeling bloated and heavy. I decided to eat a light meal around  5:30pm drink one package of Want More Energy before my workout and after my workout have a 20z shot of Cleanse For Life. I am now waking up looking lean and full of energy.  When you have a kidney disease, energy is hard to come by. I can only imagine how you readers would feel after trying a similar program. I am trying a new meal replacement next week. I will give you the details regarding the meal replacement next week.

Last Blog I provided you with my meal plan. This time,  I am listing my daily workout routine.  It’s a “BEAST” as we like to say.

Day 1: Total Body Circuit Program (1hr)

Day2:  One Hour Jiu Jitsu class

Day 3: Treadmill sprints with heavy punching bag session (1hr)

Day4:  One Hour Jiu Jitsu

Day5: Total Body Circuit Program (1hr)

Day 6: Recover/Off Day

Day7: Optional Day: Off day or Jui Jitsu day depending how my body feels.

Notes: I am seeing a Chiropractor once a week, and stretching before and after each exercises session.

If you’re advanced try it out. For beginners I definitely recommend a more intro. level program.

View the video below for more details on my current status during my 24 Day Fitness Challenge.

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