Sandra Bland's mother Geneva Reed-Veal is the latest family member of a police brutality victim to endorse a presidential candidate.

Rapper Killer Mike sparked a major controversy after quoting Jane Elliott, an anti-racism activist and feminist who said, "A uterus doesn't qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to have policy that's reflective of social justice."

Wednesday on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and an expert panel of guests discussed the current state of the race for the White House and the candidates' outreach to Black voters.

The actor, singer and Civil Rights icon says Sanders "represents opportunity and a moral imperative" to take this nation where it needs to go.

The Senator is under fire for not keeping it plain regarding issues that directly affecting Black Americans at "A Community Forum on Black America" event.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed Thursday on issues of race and immigration at the most recent debate as the race heads to South Carolina, where voters of color are key to winning next week's primary race.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders included Erica Garner in a new campaign ad to show his commitment to combating police brutality.

GA Rep. John Lewis refutes Bernie Sanders claims that he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement. "I never saw him", said Lewis.

Hillary Clinton has hired Press Secretary for the Department of Education, Denise Horn, as her new Director Of Black Media

Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled it out on Thursday during MSNBC's Democratic Candidates Debate in Durham, New Hampshire.