Winter Suits

Dressing appropriately isn’t just about finding the right tie pin or how you fold your pocket square – it’s also about finding the right outfit to match the season. Here are six tips to make sure you survive the cooler months in style.

1.Fabric. When the temperature drops, the fabric you’re wearing can make all the difference between fending off the cold and shivering your way through the day. While cotton and even linen blends are fine to see you through spring and summer – especially in the Australian climate – in winter, wool is your safest bet. Since it’s a natural fabric, it’s plenty warm enough for winter, but it won’t overheat if the mercury happens to pick up. If you can spare the cash, investing in a cashmere or wool-cashmere blend suit is also an idea. Or if the full cashmere suit is pushing things a bit, it’s always an option to go with a jacket in the pricier material, and then dress it down with a pair of jeans or chinos.

2.Colour. In the past, things were a little more, er, black and white: lighter colours in spring and summer; darker shades in autumn and winter. But while you might look a little out of place if you’re decked out in full Gatsby seersucker during winter, these days when it comes to colour, things aren’t quite so strict when it comes to seasonal colours. If you want to play it safe, go for darker colours in autumn and winter – think black, navy or grey.

3.Patterns. Ok, so black, navy or grey might not sound like the most exciting colour combination on the planet, but patterns, checks and stripes are a handy way to push the boat out a little more with your winter wardrobe, and show some personality – think houndstooth and windowpane or Prince of Wales check.

4.Style. Although in the past three-button suits were perhaps considered a little formal, these days, two or three buttons are pretty interchangeable and either will likely see you through the winter months. A double-breasted suit is also worth considering, since it offers a little extra protection from the winter chill. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it’s worth channelling your inner Don Draper and giving a three-piece suit a go. It’ll help you stay warm, look cool and is all but guaranteed to get you compliments around the office.

5.Tie. Although there are no rules when it comes to winter neckwear, the cooler months are a good opportunity to go outside your usual silk tie range. Knitted ties are a good way to go and while they’re unlikely to provide much in the way of warmth, wool or cashmere ties add a dapper, wintery touch to your ensemble. Plus, they just look really cool. Trust us.

6.Accessories. There’s only so much a suit can do, and staying warm in winter is mostly down to accessories – socks, scarves, maybe even a hat. If the temperature falls, a nice cardigan or V-neck jumper won’t go amiss under your jacket.