BOWIE, Md. – A Maryland high school student has died. Police tell FOX 5 that a 16-year-old Bowie High School student was running laps after school when he collapsed on the basketball court.

According to police, the boy collapsed and died while taking part in a basketball practice at about 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon in the school’s gym. A teammate of the boy said the basketball team was practicing, and coaches made the boys run laps because someone was talking. After three laps, the boy’s friend said he collapsed and never recovered.

There were about 25 students in the gym at the time. Many of them were in tears, according to the victim’s friend.

The friend tells FOX 5 that two fellow students tried to perform CPR, but they were unsuccessful. The boy was transported but died a short time later.

It is not known if the boy had a heart condition. At this point, officials are waiting on an autopsy to get more information.

Students say the school has yet to send out an email—so many still do not know. Friends say the 16 year old was very tall, athletic and funny.