The latest New York Times/CBS News poll paints a picture of a disaffected American public but President Obama, despite his lower approval ratings, fares better on its report card than the Republicans.

Sixty-two percent believe the country is on the wrong track while 33 percent saying it is on the right track, with 5 percent undecided. That is the highest “wrong track” figure in recent months.

Eighty-three percent rate the economy as fairly or very bad. Thirty-one percent still blame the Bush administration, 7 percent say it’s Obama’s fault, 23 percent blame Wall Street and financial institutions and 13 percent finger Congress.

Eighty-one percent say they only trust government some of the time or not at all to do what’s right for the country. That’s a result similar to a Quinnipiac University poll released earlier today.

Sixty percent of those polled say Obama understands the problems of people like themselves while 37 percent do not. By comparison, Americans say by 54 percent to 42 percent that Democrats do not understand their problems and by 62 percent to 35 percent that Republicans do not.

Sixty-two percent believe Obama is trying to work with Republicans while the same percentage believe Republicans are not trying to work with Obama. Seven out of 10 of those surveyed believe Obama and Republicans should compromise more with each other. Fifty-six percent blame Obama and Congress equally for the gridlock on health care reform, with 37 percent putting the onus on Congress and only 5 percent on Obama.

Eighty-one percent say it is time to give new people a chance when it comes to electing the new Congress in this year’s midterm elections.

Fifty-seven percent view Republicans unfavorably while 51 percent see Democrats in a negative light.

By 44 percent to 27 percent, Americans believe Democrats are more likely to improve health care than the Republicans, but 42 percent say Republicans are more likely to ensure a strong economy compared to 37 percent who say that about the Democrats.